Technical Details

800x600 resolution or higher recommended; works best at higher resolutions. Written in a plain ol' text editor on a Windows XP laptop running 1400x1050, and tested in Firefox 1.5, IE 6, Opera 9.10, and Netscape 8.0. Graphics made in Photoshop 7.0.

The Site

This phenomenal waste of bandwidth got underway sometime in spring 2006, mainly as a place to put all my transcriptions and translations and a bunch of cast lists. I made it, Manon offered to host it, and here I am.

All the translations in the book section, and several of the cast lists in the musical section, should be taken with a grain of salt. All the fanfiction should be taken with several grains of salt, lime, and tequila. Sometimes I feel like the entire fanfiction section is an absurd monument to my own vanity and my delusions of being able to write fiction, but it's not going anywhere.

I'm missing liner notes for an astonishing number of cast recordings, so quoting the cast lists as if they were gospel is probably not a good idea. I have multiple sources for most of them, but misspellings and flat-out inaccuracies are a very real possibility. Please email me if you find any errors.

A few changes have been made in the new version of the site. Obviously the layout has been redesigned to make it easier to read; a few of my least favorite bits of fanfiction are gone; and I've completely overhauled the essay section to make it more organized, coherent, and presentable. The old ones were copied and pasted directly from my LiveJournal, and are still available under the meta tag, but LJ style is far too idiosyncratic and informal to be transplanted onto an unrelated website. So I rewrote them.

The Webmistress

Marianne is a long-time fandom nerd who goes through fandoms rather like most people would go through love affairs. She is more of a dork than a true academic, though she's been known to dip her toes into the research pool. Hobbies besides fandom include singing (classical and opera), linguistics (historical), and being a hopeless LiveJournal addict.

Mam'selle is also something of a recovering goth, as evidenced by her ridiculous collection of flouncy Victorian clothing, the complete Sisters of Mercy discography lurking on her hard drive, and a lingering affection for candles, incense, and low lighting.

Should you wish to contact her, she has an email and a LiveJournal.