The Musical - Cast Recordings

The official site claims there are thirty-some recordings, but their figure includes singles, studio casts, highlights versions of full CDs, et cetera, and is slightly out of date. This list goes solely by which casts were recorded, so there's going to be some discrepancy in numbers.

Recordings that have yet to be reviewed are marked with an asterisk.

The following studio recordings are not available for general release, though they are not bootlegs. If someone offers them to you or you see them on ebay, keep in mind that something shady probably transpired to get them to you.

Occasionally bootleg traders will present their wares as rare or unreleased recordings--this happened most recently with soundboard recordings from Berlin, Buenos Aires, and Mexico City. Use your head: if you can't find anything about it on google, there's no cover image or liner notes, and you can't hunt up record label information, it is most likely a bootleg.


Les Misérables has also been put to film innumerable times, and some of the movies are more miserable than others.

Reviews of the movies coming soon.