For free use as forum avatars, LiveJournal icons, and the like. Credit isn't required; if you're using them on LJ and want to credit anyway, my username is letitallgo. Please do not take these for other icon sites or claim you made them, or I'll have to bring the Lawr down upon you.

still not king a few paving stones short of a barricade E/Patria OTP! iRevolt
schrödinger's lamarque you make baby Cosette cry I am the larrrr! is the lawr gonna hafta smackabitch?
Eponine - putain s'il te plait Grantaire - putain s'il te plait Enjolras - putain s'il te plait tl;dr
Eponine - bitch please Grantaire - bitch please Enjolras - bitch please headdesk
le premier nom gravé au marbre du monument d'espoir dulce et decorum est pro patria mori we few shall carry hope I hear the angels call my name
Eponine: pwn'd! Enjolras: pwn'd! Javert: pwn'd! Fantine: pwn'd!
Apollonian before the firing squad Orestes and Pylades if you permit it
Orestes and Pylades Who cares about your lonely soul? Not the slash! Frenchboys on the side
Forbidden Broadway Les Miz I didn't sing one song then die! Though you die, La Résistance lives on! You make baby Cosette cry
I think I was a little in love with you To love another person... Epitaph Fantine reads slash
My barricade iz pastede on yay! Mizzie Christmas Christmas list